Here we go...

Monroe - Union County

It has been 8 months since the merger of Union County’s economic development efforts with those of the City of Monroe.  It has been a fast and rewarding ride to now have completed the merger and developed the county-wide work plan.

Now it is time to market and bring our recruitment and retention efforts to all the communities of Union County.  This effort is spelled out in our new work plan that calls for the retention/creation of 600 jobs and new capital investment of $120 million over the next 24 months.  Available buildings and land are also a huge detriment to the success of Union County’s economic growth, so the plan also discusses the securing of 500 acres of new industrial land over this same time period.

One of the more challenging aspects of Union County is also its most attractive asset – its diversity.  The economic development office will also promote the three distinct areas of Union County by branding them and marketing them to the targeted audiences. 


Gateway Union – the western portion of Union County along the I-485 corridor

Monroe Aero – the industrialized center of Union County that has the highest geographic concentration of aerospace companies in the Carolinas.

Grow Union – the eastern portion of Union County with its vast opportunities in agribusiness growth.


The work plan also focuses on the four Areas of Focus: Precision Manufacturing, Agribusiness, Logistics, and Commercial.


For more information, please read the plan.  Click Here for 2013-2015 Economic Development Work Plan