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Tyson Foods and Elanco host event to benefit Operation Reach Out

30 September 2014

Elanco Press Release

Today, 250 employees from the Monroe, North Carolina, production facility of Tyson Foods, Inc., and Elanco Animal Health joined community volunteers for a special #Feedthe9TysonNC event to benefit Operation Reach Out. The group kicked off activities by unloading a truckload of food items donated personally by Tyson Foods Team Members, as well as approximately two tons of chicken contributed by the company. Speakers then talked about the reality of hunger for many in North Carolina, as well as three solutions that can help create food security for the world’s 9 billion people by 2050. To help further the work of Operation Reach Out, Elanco presented a $1,000 donation.


“We are so grateful for the hands-on involvement of local volunteers from Tyson Foods and thecontributions from Elanco,” said Sharon McFadden, executive director of Operation Reach Out. “They are great examples of major companies that do more than help produce food; they also are committed to giving back to communities like ours. And, we appreciated hearing more about solutions to help overcome food insecurity by 2050 as we received the gift of nutritious food that will help local families find some relief from hunger in the coming weeks.”


The presentations encouraged attendees to go beyond focusing on only the problem of hunger. According to Kerryann Kocher, director of the poultry business unit for Elanco, the key is to shift the conversation toward a focus on viable solutions that ultimately provide food security. She said that creating a world where 9 billion people have access to enough nutritious food that’s affordable requires a commitment to three solutions: 1) supporting innovation, 2) protecting choice and 3) empowering trade.

“Embracing these solutions will lay a sensible foundation for eliminating hunger and malnutrition, and it’s also a fit with our company’s core value of feeding our families, the nation and the world with trusted food products,” said Jonathan Edwards, complex manager in Monroe for Tyson Foods. “Our Team Members have been looking forward to today’s #Feedthe9TysonNC event as they collected food for Operation Reach Out this past month. Their passion for donating food, and their time and talents, helps make our community better.”


Elanco also will be awarding $5,000 to one community partner participating in Feedthe9 events during September and October. The event generating the most tweets and Facebook posts featuring its individual hashtag by Wednesday, Oct. 29, will receive the grant. To help Tyson Foods in Monroe win the $5,000 for Operation Reach Out, talk about #Feedthe9TysonNC on social media.


For more information about solving the greatest issue of our time: food security, visit and read Enough: The fight for a food-secure tomorrow, a report on feeding the world. The website also invites advocates to join The Enough Movement and provides resources to help make your voice heard in the fight for a food-secure tomorrow.

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